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I finally got UniFi. Teach me to Torrent

A good friend of mine today got UniFi after waiting for what must have been the better part of 2011. Pretty interesting that the first thing that he wanted to do was get his hands on the latest season of lost (well actually he just wanted to test downloading as much as he could as fast has he could) #excitingtimes

So he asked me how does one go about doing this torrenting thing. It kinda brought me back to the first time i downloaded

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a torrent, and instead of asking him to go google it, (being the caring friend that i am) I proceeded to give some sagely advice on how to start.

How to torrent a beginners guide

Download Transmission ( in my opinion the best torrent software there is for mac / linux there is. Its super simple – mind you im not a power torrent-er or anything i just want to get my new shows from time to time

  1. Find something you want to download at Bt Junkie (
  2. Open the torrent file in Transmission and select where you want the torrent to be saved.
  3. Wait for torrents to complete downloading.
Some things to note about torrents
  1. The more seeders – the faster you will get your file
  2. Check positive comments. The more of these green things the more you can trust whats going on with the file as sometimes people upload crap / viruses.


Evolving 3D objects through crowd sourcing

Really amazing experiment that gets people to help evolve shapes using a biological algorithm. I wonder how many people it would take evolve the shape into a person.

Their long-term goal is to create robots that can evolve like biological creatures, so EndlessForms is designed to explore what kind of biological body shapes the model can produce. Forget designing your own objects – what about

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3D-printed pets?

Trend hunting in 2011.

Im definitely going to have to subscribe to this channel now. I’ve been following trendhunter for quite a while now but never really noticed that they made videos. Its short, full of cool trends and looks pretty well made. A must subscribe at