Mario VS Mr Miyagi the battle for entrepreneurship

A couple of days ago i decide to join a T-shirt design competition that Warisan Global put out. The theme was entrepreneurship, and for the life of me i dont recall what was the prize for winning. But since it sounded like fun and happen to have been doing a number of T-shirts already i decided to join.

In total i submitted 4 designs. I kind of really like 2 of the 4. I need to choose between the both to see which i should print a test batch, tell me if you like either and if you would buy one.

Mario entrepreneurship

Miyagi entrepreneurship

I’m wondering which of the 2 do you like? Tell me by dropping a comment. Coolest comment by friday 8th July 2011 gets a freeĀ obedient husbands club tshirt

Oh and i wont stop you if you decided to help vote up one of my designs on the GEW facebook group

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