#InstaKL : Walking around, taking pictures

Sometime during the last webcamp I got this notion in my head that I’d like to walk around Kuala Lumpur snapping pictures and exploring the parts of KL that I usually just drive by and dont give a second look. So I asked around and it looks like I managed to get 15 people to sign up and walk-around with me, armed with their mobile devices we shall explore, snap and document our exploration.

Its free to get involved and everyone is welcomed to join. Just drop your details below to join in.

Our planning document : http://bit.ly/IvSJQU (Feel free to poke around and share thoughts)

Details #InstaKL #1

Date: May 5th 2012
Location: Meeting point KLCentral – then we take a train from there
Time: 6am (call time at KLCentral)
Duration: Exploration will take 90 minutes, then breakfast, should be done by 9am
What to bring: Fully charged mobile device, a bottle of water

Join in

—-Update (4th May 2012)—-

Where to meet : KL Central in front of McDonalds

In case you are lost or cant find the group, you can contact me
Hakim : 0122608466/ 0192618466 Hakimism

More stuff to bring and not bring

  • Try and wear something comfy, meaning shoes that you like to walk with, shorts instead of slacks and a comfy cap (it shouldn’t be too hot this early in the morning but im sure it cant hurt)
  • A knapsack if you have stuff
  • Your Touch and Go card, since we are taking public transportation. Alternatively some small change will do too.
  • A hand towel – in case you sweat, these usually come in handy.
  • An open mind – cause its all a big experiment, so as ubuntu users say
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  • Don’t bring all your electronic devices, one mobile device will be sufficient
  • Don’t carry too much cash on you. The streets I’m sure are very safe however you might accidentally drop your stuff.

The plan

Some have been asking about which route we will be taking while on this exploration. So here is what I came up with.

  1. We start in KL Central then we will take the LRT down to Masjid Jamek (6:00am)
  2. Once at Masjid Jamek,(6:15am) we walk 2 KM to Dang Wangi, its supposed to be a slow walk so we have time to take pictures (7:00am).
  3. Once we reach Dang Wangi there is this super awesome breakfast shop Yut Kee
  4. Then we hop on the monorail back to Brickfields, walk over to KL Central and continue with our day (9:00am)

The map

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