Taken at Station 1 Cafe

Twin towers on a foggy night

Taken at KLCC


adopt a rat for 5 euros a year – social enterprise that smells good

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Flash Projection Embeds BMW Logo In Viewers Minds

this is like woa – wonder if i can find any advertisers willing to try this out?

French marketing company Paperplane shows off the use of Flash Projection to embed the BMW logo in viewers minds.

via Wired Gadget Lab

amazing – taking bottoms up literally, beer filling from the bottom of the cup

BottomsUP Beer tap by GrinOn Industries dispenses beer through the bottom of the glass.

via Gizmodo 

a very zombie holiday via @laughingsquid

Team Unicorn presents “A Very Zombie Holiday”, an instructional film to help keep your home free of zombie infestations.

Angry Birds and The Pigs Discuss Their Strategy via @laughingsquid

Why do you think some people are spiteful gossipers?

Its an strange phenomenon that i never really understood. Apparently its at every level of society, no one seems to be immune – even if you are cheerful, and mind your own business that doesn’t exclude you from the rumor mill does it?
The best part is its a disease that gets worse as it spreads, if there were only a way to track the conversations that emanate from these toxic people and show them the result of their handy work – heck show the world their handiwork. See how many people they hurt, tarnish, blacken.
Thats just the people that know about the fact that they are being talked about. What about the guys like me – who just dont have a clue most of the time. It genuinely freaks me out to think about the rumors that people spread behind me.

#poetrycupkl #3 round one contestants

Round one Poetry Cup KL 

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