A #finetwtup in Penang

Last week a client of ours Carrefour mentioned that they would be launching a news store in Penang. However this store would be a little different from any of their other hypermarkets that we have come to be quite accustom with. I mean all of the good stuff of course such as well lit, high ceilings with a welcoming atmosphere. But this store would be slightly more awesome, I was told to expect a more posh and upscale sort of space. A space chock-a-block with the best wines and cheese money can buy, fine foods that one is accustom to find in small specialty grocers.

This was exciting to me for a couple of reasons. Firstly if they were going to try this out there is absolutely no better place than Penang i thought – i mean c’mon fine foods in Penang, a match made in heaven if i ever heard of one. Secondly my clients also mentioned that they were going to try out some very exciting new ways of rewarding their customers (only in this store at the moment). This rewards would be gained by exploring the new store and finding clues hidden all over the place. I shan’t spoil the surprise

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for you, but all i have to say is you definitely want to come check it out if you are in Penang’s 1st Avenue. The final and i suppose most important reason I’m excited about this launch they asked me to throw a little party to herald the new opening of this fun space.

“Lets have a tweetup they said,” lets invite all the cool kids and fun communities to join in (if you werent invited its not cause you aint cool, its i probably havent met you yet, solution tweet me or just come by) . It would be a great opportunity to get the community to mingle and get to know one another. We shall invite musicians and poets to entertain them. We shall pop out the good bottles of wine, and get lots of tasty treats to get the energy up then we shall have a treasure hunt through the store and reward people with Ipads and other cool stuff. This was shaping up to be quite a fun party i thought to myself.

So I set off tweeting all the twitterati (as it were) in Penang to get all their followers and friends to join us for an evening filled with music, poetry, good food and wine. A couple of communities really began to get into it. Shout out to both SMCPG.org (Social media club Penang) and Penangyouth.com for getting the word out so fast and with such efficiency. In a day we had close to 100 people signed up to come for the tweetup. So we decide to up the ante. After a brief chat with my client we decided it would be cool to reward the communities that are super active, so we put out a challenge – the community that invites that is most represented at this up coming tweetup would win something special. To find out who wins this and what they won follow the conversations on twitter.

The response so far to this tweetup has been pretty amazing, the excitement even reached our friends over at TGVcinemas and since they are also conveniently located in the same building 1st avenue, so we asked them if they would be interested in giving out some movie passes (naturally) and they said sure why not. heheh see what i mean this is going to be a super fun party! So for all of you guys out there that cant make it to our awesome tweetup, you can still check out the new and improved tgv.com.my to buy tickets to some of the up coming summer blockbusters. Im looking forward to checking out their bean bag movie hall

So if you havent already, its time you registered yourself for the finetwtup.eventbrite.com, did i mention its free? Cya there

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